Mother Mary Inmaculada Concepcion VI , philippines antique santos

Mother Mary Inmaculada Concepcion VI

Virgin Mary Santos, Patron Saint of the Philippines

If you do a search on Google for Virgin Mary + Philippines, you will find that she is still very much a part of the life of the people. Sightings and miracles are still attributed to her, this Patron Saint who watches over all. Even as recently as October 2013, a statue of Mary was reported to turn her wooden head towards Bohol, one of the areas devastated by an earthquake at that time that destroyed many churches and killed over a hundred people.

WikiPilipinas has some background info on how Mary has been worshiped within the Catholic Church. Even if you think you know all about her, a refresher always helps! As the Sir Raffles Santos collection has a special focus on the Philippines, it is not surprising that we have quite a few Virgin and Mother Marys up for sale in our Etsy shop. We created a separate category for her, which you can see here.

Here are a few examples that will show some of the characteristics in how the Philippine artists portrayed her over time.

Mother Mary Saint, Antique Philippines

Mother Mary, Philippines, around 1900

Smooth, rounded shoulders, slightly hunched over, almost egg-shaped. Perhaps she carries too much of the weight of the world on her shoulders. The European Mary is often tall, slender and graceful, with flowing robes. This Mary is short and compact. 

The hands are carved separately and added on and in many of the older carvings, have been lost to time:

Mother Mary Inmaculada Concepcion no. IV, c 1750, virgin mary santos

Mother Mary Inmaculada Concepcion no. IV, c 1750

Her face has been darkened over time, taking on the stories and prayers of many a soul. She almost has a look of surprise on her, doesn’t she?

This Mary, although simply carved, is more slender and hearkens back to some of the European folk art styles. She is standing on top of the world. 

Virgin Mary circa 1850 no II, Antique Philippines santos

Virgin Mary circa 1850 no II

These are all the Virgen Inmaculada, or the Immaculate Virgin, who gave birth to the God child without the seed of man. Here she is with the Baby Jesus, where she becomes known as the Mother Mary:

Virgin Mary with the child Jesus, antique philippines santos

Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus

Leaner, but still slightly hunched over, standing on the world. This piece is especially tender as mother and child grasp each other’s hands. The statue was over-painted with chips and wear revealing the previous colors giving a nice, textured effect.

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